March 6th-12th

Often misconceived as being exotic and overly complicated, Sabrina Ghayour, shows us that the big, bold flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine have very simple and honest roots.



Soup du Jour   amical   3/5

daily selection from our own recipe book

Tomato Soup en Croute   amical   7

our signature soup with a puff pastry crust

Spiced Vegetable Soup +   page 78   3/5

puréed squash, chickpeas, fried onions, feta, herbs


Appetizers & Salads

Roasted Butternut Squash +   page 198   10

Fluffy Bottom Farms feta, pistachio pesto, pomegranate seeds

Safavid-Style Beef Pastries   page 38   12

MSU Farm ground beef, puff pastry, rose petal, red onion, Yogurt with Cucumber, Garlic & Dill (page 15)

Spice Salted Squid +   page 48   12

deep-fried, cumin & coriander, pomegranate aioli

Harger Creek Ranch Lamb Meatballs +   page 117   13

local sour cherries, fresh dill & cilantro, spiced tomato sauce

Fattoush Salad +   page 183   7/13

fried pita, grape tomatoes, romaine, cucumber, bell pepper, local radish, lemon-sumac vinaigrette


amical Appetizers & Salads

Olive Twists    9       Whitefish Pâté   10       Sesame Tuna   14      Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes   18

Caesar Salad 5/8      House Salad 4/7      amical Salad 6/10


Roasted Half Chicken +   page 110   19

harissa chili paste, preserved lemon, Turmeric & Cumin Roasted Potatoes (page 201), cucumber yogurt

Chargrilled Eggplant +   page 184   19

saffron yogurt, pickled chilies, toasted sesame seeds, fresh parsley, Tomato Bulgur (page 66)

Saffron & Lemon Chicken +   page 114   23

Amish chicken breast, saffron-yogurt rub, roasted onion, fresh arugula, Persian Herb Rice (page 58)

Fresh Michigan Whitefish +   amical   25

house preparation choices: herb, parmesan, nut crusted or blackened, served with rice & vegetables

Citrus-Spiced Salmon* +   page 138   26

rose petal, orange & lime marinade, baked, served over fattoush salad

Sautéed Shrimp +   page 136   26

sumac, lemon, garlic, fresh cilantro, tomato bulgur, Shirazi Salad (page 178)

Quince & Pomegranate Glazed Pork* +   page 133   28

Valley View Farm pork tenderloin, Roasted Garlic & Sweet Potato Purée (page 203), Shirazi salad

Lamb Shank Tagine +   page 88   28

black garlic, spiced tomato-balsamic sauce, sweet potato purée, broccolini

Seared Beef with Pomegranate* +   page 130   28

grilled hanger steak, Fustini’s pomegranate balsamic dressing, turmeric roasted potatoes, fresh arugula

Scallops & Shaved Fennel* +   page 143   34

pan-seared sea scallops, saffron, honey & citrus vinaigrette, Persian herb rice


Featured Dessert

Poached Pears +   page 224   7

cardamom & rosewater, pistachios, vanilla ice cream

+Denotes a dish that can be prepared gluten free

*Michigan Food Law warns of certain risks associated with the consumption of raw or undercooked proteins

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