February 5th-11th

Sicilian born chef Marc Vetri puts together traditional comfort-food classics that reflect our love of Italian food.  His hands-on, back-to-basics approach reminds us to embrace the beauty of fresh ingredients and simple preparations.



Soup du Jour   amical   3/5

daily selection from our own recipe book

Tomato Soup en Croute   amical   8

our signature soup with a puff pastry crust

Cream of Chanterelle   page 72   4/7

fresh thyme, chicken stock, nutmeg

Appetizers, Sides & Salads

Sweet Onion Crêpe   page 71   10

caramelized onions, house-made crêpes, White Truffle Fondue (page 276)

Rustic Chicken Liver Pâte +   page 55   10

pancetta, fresh herbs, truffle oil, brandy, pickled vegetables, toasted baguette, crackers

Slow-Roasted Pork Slices with Tuna Sauce* +   page 60   12

brined & roasted local pork belly, tuna-caper aioli, fresh arugula, shaved parmesan, red onion

Tomato Flan with Crab & Basil +   page 41   14

heirloom tomato gelatin, jumbo lump crab, lemon & olive oil

Fennel & Apricot Salad +   page 223   7/13

baby spinach, dried apricots, toasted almonds, fresh mint, local feta, Pernod vinaigrette

amical appetizers and salads

House Salad 5/8     Caesar Salad 6/9     amical Salad 7/11

Olive Twists 10     Whitefish Pâté 10     Sesame Tuna 14     Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes 18


Roast Chicken with Vin Santo +   page 206   19

one half bird, sweet wine pan sauce, Squash Purée, Charred Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta (page 225)

Sweet Potato Gnocchi   page 130   19

sage brown butter, broccolini, toasted almonds, shaved parmesan

Grilled Local Chicken Breast +    page 204   24

Double L Farm chicken, Crispy Potatoes & Braised Cabbage, lemon-caper beurre blanc

Great Lakes Whitefish +   amical   25

house preparation choices: herb, parmesan, nut crust or blackened, served with rice & fresh vegetables

Local Pork Bolognese   page 137   26

Jake’s Country Meats pork jowl, mirepoix, tomato, fresh herbs, rigatoni, shaved parmesan

Rustic Rabbit with Sage & Pancetta +   page 211   26

braised local rabbit, white wine, Creamy Polenta (page 277), charred Brussels sprouts, fried sage

Pork Shank & Stewed Cabbage +   page 192   26

braised local pork, San Marzano tomatoes, mirepoix, cotechino sausage, creamy polenta

Veal Medallions with Porcini & Fontina Fondue* +   page 179   30

porcini mushroom confit, Roasted Herbed Fingerling Potatoes (page 229), broccolini

Olive-Crusted Striped Bass* +   page 162   32

Confit of Leeks, lemon beurre blanc, herbed fingerling potatoes, broccolini

Grilled Rib Eye Steak* +   page 180   34

Heirloom Tomato Salad, fresh herbs, crispy potatoes, Fustini’s 18 year balsamic

Featured Dessert

Mascarpone Custard   page 238   7

puff pastry, balsamic caramel figs


+Denotes a dish that can be prepared gluten free

*Michigan Food Law warns of certain risks associated with the consumption of raw or undercooked proteins

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