march 7th-13th 2016

Traditional, contemporary, & extraordinary; curry is considered to be the gateway into, & the backbone of, Indian cooking. Raghavan Iyer teaches us the art of Indian cooking at its finest.



Soup du Jour   amical   3/5

daily selection from our own recipe book

Tomato Soup en Croute   amical   6

  our signature soup with a puff pastry crust

Yellow Split Pea +   page 648   3/5

fresh ginger, serrano chile, yogurt, cilantro

Appetizers &  Salad

Breaded Potato Shells   page 54   10

pan-fried, chickpea stew, tamarind-date purée, red onion           

Mussels in a Coconut-Chile Sauce +   page 282   12

Maine blue mussels, garlic, serrano chile, fresh cilantro

Savory Garlic Shrimp +   page 278   13

turmeric, shredded coconut, sesame seed, tamarind, Pickled Lime (page 745)

Sweet Grass Farms Lamb Meatballs +   page 95   13

Kashmiri garam masala (page 29), scallion, mint, saffron-rose cream

Cabbage & Cucumber “Slaw” +   page 741   6/11

shredded coconut, lime juice, toasted peanuts, mustard seed


Roasted Chicken +   page 144   19

curry leaf-mustard seed marinade, fragrant split pea purée, Sautéed Spinach & Yogurt (page 743)

Cashew Cheese +   page 289   19

house-made paneer cheese, bell pepper-cashew sauce, cilantro, Cardamom Rice (page 709)

Grilled Amish Chicken +   page 86   24

yogurt-marinated chicken, cashew-tomato cream, cardamom rice, cabbage-cucumber slaw

Fresh Michigan Whitefish +   amical   25

house preparation choices: herb, parmesan, nut crust or blackened, served with rice & fresh vegetables

Duck Stew +   page 165   25

braised duck leg, garlic & ginger, Smeltzer Orchard cherries, black walnuts, cardamom rice

Fresh Atlantic Salmon* +   page 246   26

turmeric-seasoned, coconut-black pepper pan sauce, rice noodles, sautéed spinach & yogurt

Pork Vindaloo* +   page 229   28

Rice Farm pork tenderloin, spicy chile & vinegar curry, Pan-Roasted Potatoes & Onions (page 574)

Braised Lamb Shank +   page 186   28

yogurt-marinated lamb, fennel-cumin broth, cardamom rice, Soused Cucumbers (page 743)

Tamarind Beef* +   page 176   28

pan-seared hanger steak, coconut-mango sauce, potatoes & onions, sautéed spinach & yogurt

Jubilee Scallops* +   page 281   34

fresh sea scallops, Balti masala seasoning (page 31),bell pepper-tomato curry, rice noodles


Cardamom-Nutmeg Custard +   page 754   7

sliced almond, vanilla bean gelato

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